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Longtime Star Wars MUSH wizard. Player served brief period as Code Admin before becoming Player Wizard in August 2001.

Since then, Zen has served as Code Wizard, Force/Features Wizard, and several generic wizard positions sardonically titled Microsoft Office Wizard, Pinball Wizard, and Wizard in Residence.

A few of his significant contributions:

  • ZIS (Zen's Item System)
  • Softcode conversion of the (famously longstanding) hardcode version of character generation (chargen)
  • Softcode advancement
  • Rewrote Force User policies
  • Coded a large proportion of MUSH Globals
  • Authored the April 1st Shutdown Prank
  • Created Scrabble Monkey and other Easter Eggs

Zen remains marginally active at present and is available for assistance via in-game methods and at