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A MUSH is a supported text-based role-playing environment. If you have ever role-played in tabletop RPG, Live-Action, Play-by-Email/Post or chat-room game you're familiar with the concept.

MUSH provides several advantages over those options:

  1. A defined world, ready and waiting for you to explore. Star Wars MUSH has recreated the Star Wars universe familiar to fans in exacting detail. The worlds of Coruscant, Corellia, Tatooine and many, many more are ready and waiting to serve as the settings for your personal Star Wars saga.
  2. Comprehensive mechanics, an excellent storytelling experience mixes risk, reward and character development in an accessible way. Star Wars MUSH uses a number of fully coded and code-supported systems to enhance your role-play.
  3. A collaborative environment, our consent policy means that the stories told on Star Wars MUSH are those our players want to tell. Whether you'd like to be a heroic New Republic pilot, a tyrannical Imperial officer, a ruthless criminal or an outlaw with a heart of gold, you can join other player characters in weaving an organic, developing story that's to everyone's satisfaction!
  4. A lasting legacy, as you role-play on Star Wars MUSH, your activities form a part of our collective tapestry - what you do will affect the galaxy and those who live in it, and their actions will affect you all of which adds up to a constant supply of storytelling opportunities, some that you may never have imagined.

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