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Ship capital vicsd
Victory-II class
Type: Destroyer
Designation: V2SD
Scale: Capital Warship
Designed by: RSD
Built at: Rendili StarDrive
Sim Status: Coded; 6,300,000 credits
Statistics & Specifications
Length: 900 meters
Landing Cap: No
Engines: Hoersch-Kessel LF9 Heavy Ion Drives (3)
Cygnus Gemon-4 Med. Ion Drives (4)
Power Grid: SFS I-a2b Solar Ionization Reactor
Crew: 6107
Accommodation: 1600
Cargo Cap: 8100 metric tons
Consumables: 4 years
Hyperdrive: Primary- x1 | Backup- x15
Space Speed: 60
Manuverability: 1D
Sensors, Detection, & Ranging
Standard: 1600 | Focus: 40 | Passive: 400
Combat Capabilities
Hull: 1020
Shields: 243
Gunnery: 20 x Heavy Turbolaser batteries
40 x Turbolaser batteries
10 x Ion Cannon batteries
Launch Tubes:
Tractor Beams: 10 x tractor beam projectors
Flight Operations
Hangar Space: 750
Craft: 24 x TIE Fighter
5 x Lambda-class shuttle
2 x Sentinel-class transport
Additional Resources
Full Stat Sheet: Available

Not in service until after the end of the Clone Wars, the Victory II-class Star Destroyers were produced in lesser quantity than the Mk.I model, yet came to have significant influence on Imperial ship-manufacturing.

Designed for deep space-combat, these vessels traded firepower, shields, hull strength and carrying capability for speed and maneuverability. With this in mind, the designers fitted the ships with powerful Hoersch-Kessel engines, as well as adding ion cannons and enhanced tractor beam projectors for interdiction duty.

The Victory II destroyers were used as patrol and blockade starships, as well as having main duty serving as sector patrols. They were sent out in pairs or with other ships, regularly moving into areas of suspected Rebel or pirate activity to pacify the sector.

Although it had the same distinctive atmospheric maneuvering surfaces as the Victory I, this class was incapable of entering atmospheres. (-from Wookiepedia)

Victory-class Star Destroyer
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Victory II-class Star Destroyer
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Ships listed here are those specifically represented on the MUSH as being in active service and excludes those vessels decommissioned or destroyed.
It does not reflect the total number of vessels of this class

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