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There are nine different divisions overseen by the ExO which form the core of the Corporate Sector Authority. Each one is directly managed by an Executive Viceprex (with the exception of OMM which has a Director) and is responsible for a different aspect of the Authority's operations. Almost all business activity in the Corporate Sector can be attributed to one of these nine divisions, which hire out their services to member corporations and the galaxy at large to produce vast profits for the CSA and its shareholders.

The Viceprexes in charge of these divisions experience enormous corporate pressures from sponsor companies to succeed and a constant threat of being overtaken by up and coming junior executives. Competition between divisions is also commonplace with each Viceprex trying to outdue the others to gain the favor of the ExO and Direx Board. As such, the turnover rate among Viceprexes is rather high, with only the most savvy executives able to make a full career out of being a Viceprex.

The nine divisions are:

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