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Juliet "Venus" Dekan Darkstar was born and raised within the powerful inner circle of Palpatine's court. Her grandfather, Count Dekan, was a Director of Imperial Intelligence and one of the Interim Ruling Council's strongest members, Dekan. Her predetermined life's purpose was to please and advise the most powerful men in the Imperial High Command, and was chosen to be the consort to Emperor Alaric Darkstar when just a teenager. After a mysterious and tragic event, Venus faked her suicide to flee her marriage, and found asylum in the only faction that would protect her — the New Republic. She lived a quiet life, working in diplomatic affairs, until she suffered a sudden nervous breakdown which made her seek solace in Caspia.

Venus began to find inner peace on Caspar. She was rumoured to be an affiliate of the powerful Mister Ozzle Olumpari, often seen by his side in financial dealings. After making the right contacts, she was appointed Commissioner of Commerce for the Union, where she successfully brought financial opportunity to Caspia. Her diplomatic dealings placed her in dangerously close contact with the Empire, as the High Command began to establish mysterious ties to Venus again. On a diplomatic trip to O'paal, she was detained upon orders of Emperor Bacharan Valak and is rumoured to have returned under unscrupulous circumstances to the powerful inner circle of the Emperor's Court.

Venus is still a mysterious woman. Some people say she is pure evil bred from Imperial demons. Some people say she is the strange good that can exist to temper that evil. She is cunning and manipulative while also being elegant and sensible.

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