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The "Variable Ordnance Warhead Launcher", or VOWL, is an adaptable launch system utilized by the CDU Navy. As an automated mass-driver tied directly to on-board targeting sensors, the VOWL excels as a weapon that can participate in ship-to-ship engagements, installation bombardments, and anti-fighter efforts. Unlike its larger sibling the Heavy Ordnance Warhead Launcher, the VOWL requires no crew assistance, fires twice as rapidly, and takes up less internal volume. Its largest warhead, though, is the NROSA Mk. 22 Saint Ship-to-Ship Weapon.

VOWLs can be found on nearly every Caspian warship unless said ship has a specialty launcher installed. Extensive testing is underway for deploying the launcher on dedicated ground vehicle platforms as well.

Projectiles used in the VOWL include:

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