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Ship capital Marauder
Truth and Reconciliation's Battle Ensign
Truth and Reconciliation
Class: Marauder-class Corvette
Launched: 11 ABY
Built at: Kuat Drive Yards, Selene Facility
Principality: Corporate Sector Authority
Sim Status: Coded
Ops Status: Redesignated CSAV Emendation
Embarked Units
Notaries: Danik Kreldin
Fianar Reanus
Flight: Fighter Units -

The Truth and Reconciliation (nicknamed simply the Truth) was a Marauder-class Corvette produced in late 11 ABY by Kuat Drive Yards and purchased by Danik Kreldin and Fianar Reanus.

For the first year of its existence, the Truth and Reconciliation was mostly automated and used as a personal vessel for the two Imperial pilots. Eventually, Fianar Reanus retired from the Empire, and used the Truth and Reconciliation as the flagship for his business, Sigma Star Industries, while Danik remained in the Empire.

During the War of the Throne, Danik and several other Imperials fled from the Empire and joined up with Reanus aboard the Truth and Reconciliation and founded the Neo-Imperial Movement. The Truth became the flagship for the Movement.

Eventually, the leaders of the Movememnt had a falling out, and the Truth fell into the hands of former Movement leader Greiko Lornan and the Neo-Imperial Movement fell apart.

Greiko eventually sold the Marauder to the Corporate Sector Authority, who renamed the Truth to the CSAV Emendation. It is now a component of the Corporate Sector Security Fleet. Several attempts by Danik Kreldin to reclaim the ship have since failed.

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