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Troy McTavish is a pilot, business man, and very faithful friend to those who have earned it. He started off working for FLS of Caspia but soon struck out on his own, forming a company called the McTavish Privateers. The Privateers are many things from shipping, to racing, to bar ownership, but the first thing they are is a family. Troy is unlike the rest of his business counterparts. He is not in it for the creds, or at least he doesn't act like it. He still does alot of his own flying, and does not hide behind rows of body guards.

He proves this by being an active racer in his own team; of course this has caused him many injuries, some close to fatal. He is also the playboy of Caspar; a title is one he has had a hard time in shaking. He has friends from all walks of life and all corners of the Galaxy. From Altair in the New Republic, to Elana Tracer in the Caspian military, to his own sister Azya in the Empire. Most folks have come across his path.

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