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Third Battle of Pride-1
Conflict: Galactic Civil War, The Great Campaign
Date: 9 ABY
Place: Pride-1, Scythia
Outcome: New Republic & Griffon Alliance victory

Galactic Empire &
Corporate Sector Authority

New Republic &
Griffon Alliance


Commodore Danik Kreldin
Cdr. Zeak Oppenhiemer

Admiral Ba'el Korr
Lt. Com. Gyzen Bel


HIMS Emperor Valak
HIMS Tyrant

GSS Harbinger
GSS Black Eagle
NRSD Chancellor




The second major engagement of Emperor Valak's Great Campaign.

A joint CSA-Imperial task force was dispatched to take the primary headquarters of the Griffon Alliance, the collossal space station Pride-1

The New Republic came to aid of Griffon defenders who, united, repelled the invasion.

Despite its defeat, the Great Campaign proceeded as planned and the Empire quickly advanced on Mon Calamari.

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