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Third Battle of Athaniss
Conflict: Imperial Civil War
Date: 11 ABY
Place: Athaniss
Outcome: Imperial Victory

Emblem empire starburst
Galactic Empire

Emblem trueemp sawburst
True Empire


Admiral Salin Fawzy
Rear Admiral Danik Kreldin
Major Wescal Cantrell

Admiral Javert
Major Kaum


HIMS Tormentor

HIMS Emperor's Fist




One last attempt was made by the Empire to reclaim the world of Athaniss from Palpatine. To the Imperial's fortune, the New Republic had decided to intervene in the war and invaded Palpatine-held Mon Calamari, liberating the planet and diverting the forces of Palpatine.

As a result, the Imperial Navy was successful in breaking Palpatine's navy, and began landing ground troops. Palpatine's army was driven all the way across the planet, holding up a final defense at the former Imperial garrison.

The "rebels", realizing they had been defeated, detonated a small nuclear device at the garrison, wiping out both the defenders and attackers. Only a few lucky Imperials and "rebels" survived, including Majors Cantrell and Kaum.

The remnants of Palpatine's navy withdrew to Mon Calamari to reinforce their sagging defense.

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