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Tek Ooloris over Tatooine
Conflict: Minor Engagement
Date: 11 ABY
Place: Tatooine
Outcome: None; friendly match

Tek Ooloris



Tek Ooloris



Modified A-24 Sleuth





In the latter days of 11 ABY, a pilot by the name of Tek Ooloris, a Griffon Alliance information broker and hot-shot pilot, travelled to Tatooine in his modified A-24 Sleuth and began openly challenging other pilots in a competition. If a pilot was capable of defeating Ooloris in combat, Tek would pay several thousand Standard Galactic Credits to the victor.

Many opponents came to Tatooine to take Ooloris up on his challenge, and to many's surprise, Ooloris defeated opponent after opponent, including the later-famous smuggler, Axel Vichten, who would go on to make a name for himself as a great pilot, and earn the ire of the elite Black Stars unit in the Empire.

The last opponent to face Ooloris was the Imperial ace, Danik Kreldin, utilizing a Guardian-class Light Cruiser. Kreldin was successful in defeating Ooloris, and walked away from Tatooine with a nice reward.

Pilots Defeated By Tek Ooloris Edit

Pilots That Defeated Tek Ooloris Edit

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