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A combined force unit of the Galactic Empire, comprising Imperial Navy warships, Imperial Army units, and Stormtrooper battalions, it was sanctioned and created under the orders of Warlord Malign. It was one of eight such task forces under the direction of Admiral Danik Kreldin during his Imperial Blitzkrieg of 14 ABY. Task Force Anvil had the Star Destroyer HIMS Legion's Legacy as its flagship along with four other Star Destroyers and numerous other support ships, tailored for orbital assault and seige. During Imperial battlefleet deployment, Task Force Anvil would take up a position abaft Task Force Hammer in the strategic array, or would remain in close proximity to the planet or space installation so as to conduct orbital bombardment or landings and recovery.

Anvil would be briefly commanded by Fianar Reanus during his return to the Imperial Navy.

Noteworthy Events Edit

Imperial Blitzkrieg Edit

The roster for Task Force Anvil included:

  • HIMS Legion's Legacy

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