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Talon Karrde was a famous businessman and dealer, operating the large Karrde's Organization, with influence across a large portion of the galaxy. He would later affiliate himself with the New Republic, aiding them in numerous campaigns, including the destruction of the Third Death Star and temporarily heading up New Republic Intelligence.

He later helped rescue refugees on Chandrila during the Chandrilan Insurgency, and developed a deep hatred for Danik Kreldin due to the Chandrilan Massacre. Publicly, the tragedy was blamed on Karrde. After being exonerated, the typically even-keeled Talon went so far as to profess his desire to assassinate Kreldin, something Karrde had never done before.

Currently, Karrde's whereabouts are unknown. Official story keeps that he retired in 15 ABY, though rumors of his death (some claim at the hands of Tyy'sun Eson, others at the hands of Draga the Hutt) abound.

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