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Tallon's Cut, or more appropriately Tallon's Cut-across, is a fork-shaped hyperspace route founded for the Griffon Alliance to cheat its way across the Mid-Rim. It was was created by the nefarious General Tallon, who sank undisclosed bankrolls of dirty money into it in defiance of the Galactic establishment. The convergence point of the route's forks was Pride-1, the Griffons' vaunted space station. Tallon was so full of himself, he created a new galactic star chart, placing Pride-1 at the prime coordinate of 0,0,0 — a position Coruscant held, both out of logic and respect, for over 50,000 years. The new chart was summarily dismissed, but the routes remained. The primary route from Druckenwell to Pride-1 was a cheat's way of getting from Tatooine and other systems in that span of the Outer Rim to the Core Worlds, bypassing the entire Corellian Sector, and bringing more traffic to Pride-1.

It was found out later in 9 ABY that a spur of Tallon's Cut went to a treasure world that the Griffons had kept quiet about for five years. Cochran was soon opened to the public, and within four more years, was granted amnesty and membership into the New Republic, having known nothing but Griffon overwatch for the time prior.

After Pride-1's destruction in 11 ABY, use of the route became heavily contested, as many in the Griffon Alliance tried to find a way to impede the Empire moving on to Cochran. They were unsuccessful, though, and after Cochran's desolation in 14 ABY, the route has seen little use except by hardy travelers.

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Pergalia, MontiuxDruckenwell

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