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Swoop racing is a high-speed spectator sport, with the vehicles involved often reaching speeds of 600 kilometers per hour.

Swoop racing is always a popular sport both on professional and amateur levels. It became more popular then ever when it became the Empire-sanctioned replacement of podracing.

Although extremely dangerous, those who have opted to race these extreme machines have found it to be a very lucrative occupation indeed.

In 7 ABY, Galactic Swoop Racing becomes a popular sport amongst the business crowd and off-duty military personnel. Businesses begin to invest in the sport, including TAJ Enterprises, StarShield, TCF Corporation and McTavish Enterprises. Eventually governments began investing, notably the Galactic Empire and the Corporate Sector Authority.

The Galactic Swoop League is a corporation established to manage the races, and to lend legitimacy to the sport. Using the previously mentioned investments, the GSL began construction of several large tracks across the galaxy. The GSL breaks the sport down into four categories; G1, G2, G3 and G4, based on the rider's own skill and the swoop itself, along with any upgrades or modifications made to it. Prize money, and the difficulty, increases as the grade goes up.

Notable Tracks Edit

Former Tracks Edit

Famous Swoop Racers Edit

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