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A swoop is a repulsorlift vehicle similar to a speeder bike; in fact, it is in essence simply an overpowered speeder bike, "an engine with a seat." Swoops are often used by gangs. After the Galactic Empire outlawed podracing, Swoop Racing became the favored alternative.

During the Jedi Civil War, some of the earliest 'swoop bikes' could be found on Taris, from whence the sport of swoop racing spread in popularity.

Swoops are broken down into three categories; light grade, medium grade, and heavy grade, made by top-notch companies such as Ubrikkian, Mobquet, TaggeCo, Oblivion Industries, Aratech, CASE, and OnCraft. Various galactic corporations sell swoops, notably NovaCom.

Light Grade Edit

  • Oblivion Skyrazor
  • Ubrikkian Phantom-Q

Medium Grade Edit

  • Mobquet Flare-S
  • CASE S-6c Akula

Heavy Grade Edit

  • Skyreaver X2
  • TaggeCo Air-2

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