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Subpro is the primary shipyard servicing the civilian and military needs of the Caspian Democratic Union (see 2015 Caspar Plot (wip) ).  Ongoing conflict in the galactic civil war has imperiled Subpro's economic future and it is currently the target of a hostile takeover attempt by the Etti Group .

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One time manufacturing partner of Incom, SubPro is experiencing an upswing in galactic market presence. The company was mired in mediocrity for a period following the release of their best-known spacecraft, the Z-95 Headhunter. They produced the fighter alongside Incom, and when Incom was liquidated by the Galactic Empire as a result of the "X-wing Defection", most of SubPro's creative fire was squelched.

In the aftermath of the Galactic Civil War, SubPro found itself without a primary production home, and by some stretch of economic luck, established a small factory within the emerging presence of Caspia. Here, with some measure of new-found stability, the company finished the designs that they had been unable to for quite some time — the Ilyrian Gnat sprint freighter and the long-awaited upgrade to SubPro's first medium freighter, the Wanderer Mk.II.

As Caspia expanded, so did SubPro's involvement in the economic structure, and soon the first drydocks and construction yards of SubPro were built linked to Kichnar Orbital Station. Time-proven designs such as the Ushton-class LHC could once again be built in earnest, but the company still lacked that separating uniqueness, that flair, that creativity. SubPro was due for a hit.

That spark came in the form of Caspian Design & Manufacturing Corporand, a thinktank of engineers, materials experts, and innovators which approached SubPro to develop an improvement to the Z-95 that SubPro was so famous for. Promptly, SubPro produced the Z-96 Headhunter, a modernized upgrade to the existing Z-95 blueprints.

CDMC, however, was not impressed, but instead of abandoning the company to its ways, CDMC teamed with SubPro to start the process from scratch, designing a new spacecraft. The hit came in the raking form of the "Century Fighter", the Z-100 Centurion. The fighter is the epitome of the new SubPro, and the two companies have been close partners ever since.

Soon after, a massive undertaking was made to strengthen SubPro. ProThrust Engine Division was officially established on Caspar to build powerplants for everything from speeders to starships, and all starwright facilities were moved to KOS and the just-completed Sloan Drydocks, the brainchild of R'hakye, one of SubPro's most influential CEO's.

The Sloan Drydocks allowed SubPro to take giant strides in starship production, and enter into a market it only could dream about at one time. While SubPro can in no way match the sheer quantity that the huge galactic manufacturers can put out, they strive to achieve excellence in quality.

Products Edit

See SubPro Ships for a list of SubPro-produced ships.

Partners, Subsidiaries, & Holdings Edit

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