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Starlight Studios is one of the leading holo-film and live performance studios in the industry. It's focus on talent and production have earned it some of the highest accolades in entertainment.

With an ecclectic list of up and coming talent on both the business and performing end, Starlight Studios continues to grow and produce blockbuster holo-films and award winning live performances. The studio represents its talent and occasionally contracts out its performers to other studios for holo-films, commercials or live performances.

Previous blockbuster holo-films include "Tatooine Bob and the Desert of Gloom" and "Tatooine Bob and the Temple of Sith" both starring Clark Galaxy.

Starlight Studios has recently expanded its businesses into an umbrella corporation Starlight Entertainment which includes Starlight Swoops, Galaxy Tours and Starlight Casinos. Starlight Swoop Garage and the House of Sabacc are subsidaries of Starlight Entertainment both are located in the Corellian Sector Level 88 of the Smuggler's Moon.

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