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The Skyline Transit is a maglev system that handles the majority of pedestrian traffic in New Alderaan on Ord Mantell. It's elevated rail system runs throughout the city, snaking through the cityscape to accentuate the decor rather than obstruct it. Due to civil restrictions on speeder traffic inside the city's borders, the Skyline Transit has become an essential part of New Alderaan lifestyle.

Operations Edit

The snake-like tracks twist through the various hill-etched districts of the city, with long trains elevated on a consistent maglev field. Rather than operating from a central control facility, there are numerous control hubs peppered throughout New Alderaan. This intentional design improves operational capabilities by making it impossible for military or mercenary groups to "take out" the entire system with one strike. Each control hub is capable of taking overload from other stations, but in the case of an emergency, only two hubs must be operational to keep the system running.

The trains themselves take from a classic, civil-war era design. Polished, riveted durasteel walls and floors add a flair of utility to the streamlined form of each train, off-set by angular glass windows in the walls and ceilings that reflect the pink hue cast by the Bright Jewel through Ord Mantell's pink cloud cover. Through the windows, passengers can watch as the maglev snakes through the hill-cut city. Comfortable red seats provide ample sitting room, with ceiling-mounted handles dangling for use by standing passengers during busy commutes.

Stations Edit

Boarding and departure stations pepper the landscape of New Alderaan, often utilizing multiple stations for each major district.

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