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Seifer Wolf
Homeworld Coruscant
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 6'0"
Hair Color Dark
Eye Color Blue/Green
Skin Color Tanned
Affiliation Galactic Empire, Lightning Squadron, War Shrike Squadron, Black Squadron, New Sith Order
Callsigns Cerberus, The Dueling Phantoms, Death Rattlers and Death Bringers
Rank Classified
Position Classified
Station Classified

Seifer Wolf is a highly-talented Imperial pilot hailing from the streets of Coruscant. Unlike other "Academy Jocks" and properly-schooled officers of the Imperial military, Wolf is an orphan, and ascended up through the pilot ranks on sheer talent and gritty determination. He received all of this training in the field, and any sort of etiquette and protocol is acquired through trial and error of experience.

Background Edit

Seifer Wolf joined the Empire in 3 ABY. He had a lengthy service record and acheived the rank of Commander up until 16 ABY.

See Wolf's Background for complete biography

Battle History Edit

See Wolf's Battle History

Misc Edit

Medals and Awards Edit

See Wolf's Medals for a list of awards

RP Logs Edit

  • Rescued In Transit - While being transported to a prison world of the NR, Wolf is rescued unexpectedly. Though it doesn't go precisely as planned.
  • A Deserted Star Destoyer - Upon Wolf's return from Capture, Wolf finds out the Star Destroyer he is brought to.. Isn't what he thought.

OOC Info Edit

Seifer Wolf joined the MUSH August 9th in 2004.

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