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Sar Spots are a definitive set of pigmented markings that cover the scalp, temples, neck, flanks, and backs of all Sarians. They are most closely related to Human freckles, but considerably larger, each about the size of a coin, and patterned very tightly. Geneticists now theorize that these are the result of prolonged, or else drastic, exposure to solar radiation, more than likely in the form of a solar flare (or several thereof). In fact, it seems their presence is inscribed, or as Sarians themselves say burned, into the Sarian's DNA. Coloration of the Sar Spots vary from region to region, depending on the skin tone of the individual. Fair-skinned Sarians often sport dark, reddish spots, while dark-skinned Sarians will exhibit lighter, tan spots. The spots, though, are difficult to obscure and impossible to remove.

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