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Sam'viel Salez Zakarin was born on Phaladina, and spent his childhood years there. For a year, between the ages of 15.5-18.5, he lived on Corellia, working in a bar north of the spaceport, and then he came to Caspar. He soon got his citizenship, and joined the Naval Aerospace Arm as a Cadet. He did his basic training in the military and then went onto Academy.

Soon after this, he was made an Ensign, having achieved flying colors in the Academy and was assigned to the 52nd Squadron, named the Stormcrows, where he flew a Centurion. It was also around this time that he started swoop racing, and in his first race on Corellia, he came third.

His career advanced quickly, and he was soon promoted to Sub-Lieutenant. At this time, he was just another face in the crowd, apart from his continued swoop achievements, but he could frequently be seen around the surface of Caspar, when he was off duty.

He was quickly promoted, due to achievements and recommendations and soon was made CO of the 52nd Stormcrows, and Wing Commander in Elana Tracer-Jawatha's absence. When she publically resigned to take up managership of the BKSA, Sam was made Commander of the fighter Wings.

He took his new duties on with a thorough amount of enthusiasm. A month or two later, he was promoted to the rank of Commander, and soon after hit the press by coming second at the BKSA at its re-opening, only losing by a few points.

He can constantly be seen at the BKSA practicing his swoop racing, or watching others, and has even been seen at Corellia. He can also be seen, or rather scanned, zipping through space in his A-wing, never staying out of practice.

He is known as being a very easy going, friendly kind of guy, who is quick to make friends, and slow to make enemies. He is inquisitive, many people know that. Sometimes, he doesn't even notice it, other times he does. And he seems to have an almost ever-present glimmer of a smile on his face. But, despite his inner and outer cheer, he is not stupid. He does not have the highest level of education, but he does have life experience and a large amount of common sense.

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