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"Of course it is supposed to do that."
— Salonika Batrad

Salonika Batrad, a citizen of the Caspian Democratic Union, was hard working and extremely loyal, which eventually paid off when he became Presav in 9 ABY. Although he was not native to Caspia, he became one of its most notable figures. Before becoming Presav, he served as the commanding officer of the CDU Third Fleet, and was one of the Sar Admirals upon the Admiralty.

Trivia Edit

  • A statue of Salonika Batrad and his wife Charlotte once stood in the middle of the foyer at People's Hall. The statue was a gift from Emperor Osbourne, and was carved from marble, depicting Charlotte clasping an olive branch, while Salonika was holding a globe of Caspar in the palm of his hand. The statue was removed almost immediately upon the unseating of Elana Tracer by General Thomas Mahon, and now resides in storage beneath the Hall. When asked about it by the media, Mahon confessed to having ordered its removal, stating, "As much as I respected Charlotte Anne Batrad, I found the statue to be most innappropriate to be displayed there. There is surely a more fitting symbol of the Union than the Batrads. And the pose is grandiose at best. They are not the Union, Salonika Batrad is not our Emperor, and People's Hall is not a Temple to them. Perhaps at some time, it will be displayed at an alternate venue. I personally wouldn't let the state erect sculptures of myself until after I were cold and dead."
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Presav of the Union
Preceded By:
Avalyshaar Dusten
9 ABY - 13 ABY
Salonika Batrad
Succeeded By:
Elana Tracer

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