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Region: Mid Rim
Orbitting: Kichnar
Sim Status: Non-coded; Original
Atmosphere: N2, O2, CO2, Ar; .97 atm
Topography: Hilly, large lowland swamps and equatorial jungle, shallow seas, small polar ice-caps
Points of Interest: Camp Virta, numerous other military installations;
Various defense and comm satellites in orbit, as well as mining smelters
Affiliation: Caspian Democratic Union

Sahkjalin (or Friend of Strength in Sarian) is the largest and lone hospitable moon in orbit of the gas giant Kichnar.

During the Renaissance of Innovation, many efforts were undertaken to improve the technological, industrial, commercial, and martial base of the Union's worlds. One such endeavour was the creation and implementation of the SONG network, which would act as a astrogation and sensory aid for all of the Union. Placing a hub on the habitable moon was an obvious choice, given that KOS was not yet complete, the coordination facility would not have to be specially designed for inhospitable environment, and the position on the fringe of the system minimized interference. Within short order, a small compound was erected, brought online, and soon, the first dozen satellite nodes were up in orbit to act as coordinators and collectors for the SONG system.

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