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Ship capital SSD
HIMS Malevolence's Battle Ensign
HIMS Malevolence
Class: Executor-class Star Dreadnought
Launched: 3 ABY
Built at: Kuat, Kuat Drive Yards
Principality: Galactic Empire
Sim Status: Coded
Ops Status: Operational; flagship of 1st Fleet
Embarked Units
Notaries: Drayson Honos
Flight: Fighter Squadrons-
  • 17 x TIE Interceptor Mark II Squadrons
  • 25 x TIE Interceptor Squadrons
  • 25 x Scimitar Assault Bomber Squadrons
  • 5 x TIE Fighter Squadrons
Ground: Army Units-

One of the four Executor-class Star Dreadnoughts built before the Battle of Endor, HIMS Malevolence was lost for many years by the Interim Ruling Council when it became the flagship of Warlord Hark Mancas, who ravaged the Inner Rim territory for years during the Post-Endor Imperial power struggle.

Malevolence was eventually brought to Emperor Bacharan Valak in 8 ABY, but was sent to Outer Rim duties in favor of HIMS Palpatine, and as a result missed out on many prestigious battles under Valak.

During the War of the Throne, Malevolence was forgotten, its captain deciding to stay out of the destructive conflict. In 13 ABY, when Warlord Malign rose to power in the Empire, Malevolence returned to Selene and was brought back into the fold of the Imperial Navy.

Malign chose Malevolence as his flagship, and the mighty dreadnought led the infamous Imperial First Fleet under the command of Fleet Admiral Drayson Honos, filling in the void left in the wake of the destruction of HIMS Palpatine.

Malevolence was the spearhead of the Imperial Blitzkrieg of 14 ABY, allowing for the great victories achieved by the Empire. After the Fourth Battle of Sullust was completed, Malevolence was returned to Selene, fulfilling its role as the commandship for the 1st Fleet.

Malevolence was called out to action to rescue the HIMS Conqueror at Etti IV, and was the commandship of the Imperial task force led by Danik Kreldin during the Second Battle of Etti IV. Malevolence suffered through heavy Republic attacks throughout the battle, especially after it blocked the Republic's escape route, causing the entire Republic task force to concentrate on the mammoth dreadnought.

Despite its damage, Malevolence pulled through, and returned to Selene for repairs at the Kuat Drive Yards-Sienar Fleet Systems station in orbit. Malevolence would later be the flagship of Grand Admiral Danik Kreldin and would lead the Imperial fleet at the Second Battle of Cochran.

In the months leading up to the Sixth Battle of Coruscant, Malevolence would serve as the headquarters for the blockade of the Coruscant system and as the central command for Supreme Commander Kreldin. When the battle was finally executed, Malevolence would lead the charge, but would find itself a priority target by the Republic fleet. It was severely damaged during the fighting but managed to repulse the heavy attacks and emerge victorious.

Battles Edit

Second Battle of Chandrila
Fourth Battle of Corellia
Fourth Battle of Sullust
Second Battle of Etti IV
Second Battle of Cochran
Sixth Battle of Coruscant

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