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Planet ryloth
Region: Outer Rim
Parent system: Ryloth System
Sim Status: Non-coded; Canon
Native Race(s): Twi'lek
Other Races: Humans, Rodians, Other
Affiliation: Independent

Ryloth was the home planet of the Twi'leks, near the Corellian Run and forming one endpoint of the Death Wind Corridor. The planet orbits its star while being tidally locked — one side roasts in sunlight while the other languishes in darkness. Natives call this the Never-setting Sun.

Geographic Features Edit

Because of the nature of Ryloth's orbit around its primary, one side of the planet always faced its star. This resulted in the temperature on the day side being very high, and the evening temperature being very cold. Stretching from pole to pole between these regions was the twilight realm - a thin habitable border between the two extremes. Here, the Twi'lek people lived in a series of caverns that were located in the habitable band of the planet. They lived in these caverns to avoid the extreme weather on Ryloth and the dangerous fire storms

Industry on Ryloth was basic. Twi'leks integrated windmills and turbines to power their homes and industries carved into the mountains. The cultivation of fungi and molds provided nourishment for the populace, as did the rearing of cow-like rycrits, which were a source of meat. The other major product of Ryloth was the mineral known as ryll, which was mined and distributed for various medicinal uses. Ryll's highly addictive nature also made it a favorite recreational substance among the low-lives and scoundrels of the galaxy, despite the extremely dangerous risks involved with its use.

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