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Ryan Cross, the brother of one-time Imperial Internal Security Agent Devlen Cross, was a junior mechanic working at an Coruscant engine plant when he was shipped off with friends of Devlen's for safekeeping. Agent Cross had run afoul of his own office, and to avoid persecution and harm to anyone he knew, Devlen decided it best to entrust Ryan to Khayell and Togryyshyk of Shyykris, two aspiring cargo runners who Devlen knew from a long time back.

Ryan reluctantly went along, but quickly found his place with Khayell and Tog as their "fix it man", forming the third part of the team that would establish FineLine Spaceways.

Once FLS was more firmly rooted in Caspia, Ryan soon began to become active in the local government, networking and advancing until being chosen as an Aide to the Presav. At one juncture, though, he decided it best to search for his brother, and left his position and residence on Caspar. On rare occasions, he returns to Caspia and drops in at one of the system's libatious establishments, such as the SandBar or the Blue Nebula Cantina.

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