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When the armor of the Imperial Royal Guard was designed, no expense was spared. Designed both for maximum protection and to maximize mobility, it is customized to each wearer, making each suit a unique creation from some of the galaxy's most skilled armorsmiths. Made entirely of Impervium plates anodized to a brilliant crimson red over a black thermal ballistic skinsuit, the helmet has been stylized to resemble that of the infamous Mandalorian Death Watch, with its inverted tear drop shape broken only by a visor of smoked tempured transparisteel, providing a full field of vision to wearer. The lower portions of the helmet extend to protect the neck and shoulders, as well as to fully seal the helmet against the outside environment. Impervium Pauldrons cover the shoulders before leading to full-length vambraces and custom-fitted gauntlets. The breastplate is constructed of the same red material, individually fitted like the rest of the armor to be almost a second skin for the wearer. Around the waist a utility belt contains everything the guardsman might need from grapple line to grenades to stun-cuffs. The thighs are enshrouded by crimson Impervium armored plates leading into greaves and boots constructed of the same material.

Name................Royal Guard Armor
Weight..............19kg                     Covers..............Body
Physical Protection.1D+2                     Energy Protection...1D+0
Conceal Difficulty..40                       Dexterity Penalty...0
Strength Bonus......0       

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