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The Rimma Trade Route was one of the major routes that crossed the galaxy. It started at Abregado-rae in the Core Worlds, and went all the way to the Minos Cluster in the far reaches of the Outer Rim Territories. It was established 5,500 BBY by Sullustan merchants whom came to Tapani Sector. It was estimated that travelling the full length of the route would take at least six weeks with a Class 2 hyperdrive.

An important branch of the Rimma, the Shapani Bypass, grew increasingly important in later years, and some considered it part of the Rimma for all practical purposes.

OriginSystems, Planets, Features on RouteTermination
Abregado-RaeGiju, Thyferra, Yag'Dhul, Sullust, Eriadu, Uvena, Colu, Sluis Van, AdarlonKal'Shebbol

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