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Principality: Caspian Democratic Union
Location: Mid Rim
Neighbors: Caspia, Yariz, Mikassa, Bimmisaari, Hutt Space
star Thera
bodies Aeother

Five planets ring the star Thera to form the Rautheran Star System in the Galaxy's Mid-Rim. The system is in a little-trafficked swatch of space, and was initially surveyed for use as a resupply depot. Two gas giants swing lazily around the perimeter of the system, while the three terrestial orbs closer to Thera perform a unique, complex dance around the star itself. The three — Aeother, Rauther, and Jaolther — interweave their orbits while circling Thera. Jaolther is airless, while Aeother possesses an atmosphere of pure nepthane. While this doesn't support life, it's rather inert, and doesn't rob organisms of their oxygen provided they bring their own supply. Only Rauther is habitable.

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