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HIMS Retribution is, in fact, the former NRSD Templar, refitted and renamed following her capture in the first week of the Imperial Blitzkrieg's siege of Sullust.

As Retribution she was once again reserved to guard duties along the vital Tarkin Corridor, based out of Selene. She would undergo major refitting to accomodate Imperial starfighters and troops, with any vestiges of Republic markings swiped away.

Retribution was finally called to action to rescue HIMS Conqueror at Etti IV and participated in the Second Battle of Etti IV, though suffered no significant damage. Her presence at Etti IV was used as a taunt to New Republic forces.

Retribution would continue to see use with the Imperial First Fleet, assisting in coordinating actions at the Second Battle of Cochran, and later during the Sixth Battle of Coruscant. Her current status has her tasked with defending all the newly acquired Imperial territory within the First Fleet.

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