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These are the basic stats for standard R3 Astromech NPCs. The R3 is an Astromech unit designed and optimized for Capital Ships, although it can still perform admirably as a Starfighter Astromech. It is distinguishable from the ubiqitous R2 unit by its clear dome.

Dexterity: 1D

Knowledge: 1D

Mechanical: 2D

  • Astrogation: 5D
  • Starfighter Piloting: 3D
  • Capital Ship Piloting: 3D
  • Shield Operation: 3D

Perception: 1D

Strength: 1D

Technical: 2D

  • Slicing 4D
  • Starship Repair 5D

Move: 5

Standard Equipment

  • Retractable Heavy Grasper Arm (Lifting at 2D)
  • Retractable Fine Work Grasper Arm
  • Extendable .3 Meter Long Video Sensor
  • Small Electric Arc Welder (1D to 5D damage (situational) .3 Meter Range)
  • Small Circular Saw (4D damage, .3 meter range)
  • Video Display Screen
  • Holographic Projector/Recorder
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Small internal "cargo" areas

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