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Droid r3n3

Rene (R3-N3)

R3-N3, or more commonly referred to as Rene (Rennie), is one of the R3-series droids utilized by Caspia's 17th Nighthawks squadron. Rene is often put into the lead Centurion of the unit, Hunter 1, and has established a good working relationship with Major Rtufo. The R3 astromech joins two other R3's, four R4's, two R6's, and two R2's in a squadron devoid of NovaCom G3-series droids, which were originally intended for use in Caspia's Centurions. After NovaCom forsook its Caspian heritage and moved its governing shares and body to the Corporate Sector Authority, several commanding officers directed their fitters and logistics officers to dump the G3's and obtain astromechs from, in the words of one officer, "a company that has a backbone, and isn't a sellout."

Rene is a white, copper, and slate blue unit, still retaining its clear dome. It has logged well over 400 sorties, and has proven itself a reliable unit in the Caspian military.

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