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Clicker (R3-K7)

R3-K7, or more commonly referred to as Clicker, is an R3-series droid owned and utilized by Caspia's Adam Shadow, an officer in the CDU military. Clicker has been partnered with Shadow since his days in the Imperial Military, and served as a resource gatherer and sometime sounding board for the man while in his position as commander of a cargo escort flotilla. The little droid continued to serve with Shadow when he defected to the Rebellion, and subsequently joined the CDU.

Clicker has received several modifications, including an expansion to his internal memory, allowing for longer recording periods. Clicker was a common sight seen alongside Shadow during his observation missions with the Naval Intelligence Office. Now, Clicker serves as Shadow's astromech droid when flying his Z-100 Centurion with Fate Squadron.

Clicker is a green, yellow, and white unit, still retaining its clear dome. The droid has a long history of service to the CDU, and of getting his master out of difficult situations. The droid's nickname comes from the constant clicking noises he makes while processing, a seeming flaw that Shadow has found too endearing to fix.

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