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Originally the R2 droid of Bazil McKenzie, R2-CT, better known as Cricket has seen action as both an instrument of New Republic Intelligence and StarOps. Sometime after Bazil's retirement, he was passed on to Johanna Siri te Danaan. He is the veteran of many sorties and survived several major battles against the Galactic Empire. Known for his intense dislike of all humans save for Bazil and Johanna, his homicidal and pyromaniacal tendencies have often landed him in trouble. He is also known to have a strange affinity for expensive ships.

Cricket is Johanna's companion, and has been seen with her nearly at all times. It was Cricket who was responsible for transmitting Danik Kreldin's "confession" from Tatooine to the IGNews, after he was kidnapped by Johanna during her fall to the Dark Side.

Cricket received his nickname from his New Republic registration code 'KRKT'.

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