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Division Information
Executive Viceprex NPC
Deputy Viceprex NPC
10. Executive Viceprex
9. Deputy Viceprex
8. Department Head
7. Production Supervisor
6. Assistant Production Supervisor
5. Foreman
4. Shift Overseer
3. Specialist
2. Laborer
1. Drudge

The Production Division directs the development of Corporate Sector resources, deciding how best to exploit every planet, moon, and asteroid in the Sector for the profit of the Authority. All large-scale construction projects are conducted by this division such as establishing mining outposts, factory facilities, warehousing complexes, and retail outlets. It oversees virtually every step in the manufacture of Authority goods, from the mining and refinement of raw materials to the packaging of assembled products. Production is the single largest division in the Authority, the pulsing heart of the CSA.

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