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The Privateer was a Carrack-class cruiser owned and operated by privateers under the command of Captain Jacob Astor. As a privately-owned raider of commerce, she was a terror to merchantmen because of her voracious speed and Navy-scale weaponry.

In 14 ABY, her captain was hired by a high-ranking Imperial officer to "deliver" an aggressively-bred virus to the star system of Daca (Calamari). The cruiser fufilled the mission by apprehending a modular cargo freighter, killing the crew, implanting the virus, and sending the ship on its way to Dac. Their action resulted in the Dacan Pandemic.

The crew operated under the Articles of Privateering set forth by Captain Jacob Astor.

The Privateer is now under the command of Captain Juran Reinzhiner and has been seen most recently upon the moon of Nar Shaddaa.

After the Battle on AB-345, the Privateer is considered lost, after sustaining critical damage and crash-landing upon the planets surface.

Carrack-class Light Cruiser
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