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Principality: Griffon Alliance
Parent system: Scythia
Location: None, freespace
Sim Status: Destroyed 11 ABY
Diameter: 71 km
Class: Hyacinth
Type: Static
Total Population: 2 million at peak
Points of Interest: Galaxy Rose, Griffon's Garrison, Transparisteel dome, Brawling pit, AEC Shipyards
Major Exports: ELE(250)
Major Imports: ORG(125) MET(100)
Hosted Industries: AEC Shipyards, electronics

Pride-1 was an immense free-space station obtained, renovated, and operated by the Griffons Alliance. Originally constructed as a Hyacinth-class deep space surveying hub during the heady days of the Republic's exploratory endeavours, the station dwarfed nearly every other station in the galaxy save the Death Stars and later-built Hosk Station. It was some seventy kilometers at its widest point and provided the Griffons with every manner of docking, manufacturing, refining, and processing facility expected or required.

With such great importance to intergalactic commerce, Pride-1 was at the center of several controversies and conflicts. It changed hands thrice in its history with the Griffons before ultimately being destroyed by a large-scale Imperial assault force in retaliation for Griffon participation in the destruction of the third Death Star.

History Edit

Location Edit

The station was located in an arbitrary position within the Scythian System, giving a wide swath of space to coordinate traveling starships and observe all manner of approaching and departing traffic.

Business & Commerce Edit

Martial Capabilities Edit

Layout Edit

Its eighteen levels were arranged as thus:

Level 1Solar Array Station
Level 2Military Garrison
Level 3Solar Array Station
Level 4Business & Industrial Offices
Levels 5-6Personnel Housing
Levels 7-8Warehouses
Levels 9-10Factories
Level 11Electronics Processing
Levels 12-13Fuel Refinery & Storage
Levels 14-15Warehouses
Levels 16-17Power Plant
Level 18Refuse Collection & Processing

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