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The Lady Poguala Waaris-Dawntreader is a product of a marriage of business partners, an extremely wealthy industrial gem making family of a small but mineral-rich planet, Daavrix, and a second-tier Alderaani family of said gem exports, the Dawntreaders. Her parents, Zihane Mihansi-Waaris and Peregrin Dawntreader, raised their two daughters (she has a sister named Zerabia) between the two planets, whilst Poguala was in training to become a gemmaker, as her grandmother, Zahar Mihansi, had been. Poguala had exhibited excellent manual dexterity and attention to detail from a very young age, the gift of her mother's people, whose culture and expression center around the mining and cutting of gems. Poguala is steeped in Daavrixian thought, the result of her pride and extensive training. She is bound by the traditions of her mother's people, and uses that basis to keep the level head and elegant manner for which she has become recognized.

It is often forgotten that were it not for a personally cruel twist of fate, Poguala would still be an unknown jeweler on her mother's home planet. After the Lady Dawntreader inexplicably failed the final test to become Dalshem, or "Head Jeweler" of Daavrix, her father wrote a letter of introduction to none other and than Princess Leia Organa, through diplomatic channels, to ask that his daughter be considered for a position as a diplomatic aide. Peregrin had been a civil servant on Alderaan until its destruction, serving as a senatorial clerk and eventually, an ambassador of Alderaan to Daavrix, a move engineered by his father to help secure the Dawntreaders' holdings on the planet. Peregrin recognized Poguala's unique attention to detail, and felt (rightly) that her skills would do well for her in diplomacy, paying compliment to his daughter's practical wisdom and compassion for others.

Peregrin's connections, however tenuous, did manage to secure Poguala a position, and because her skill and diligence at her work, she rose to Representative of the Inner Council in very short time. Poguala, despite her parents' pride and her own success, still harbors unhappiness at being unable to pursue her original dream: to become Dalshem. However, she has belayed much of her disappointment with the friends she has made in the New Republic, her success as a diplomat, the discovery of a person with whom she has a shared and epic past, and a renewed interest in her grandmother's life, which has proved far more eventful and dangerous than she had ever imagined. That life has become intertwined with Poguala's in deep and personal ways of which only hints exist in her public persona.

However, anything can change...

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