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Appeals may be made about any Judge ruling within 48 hours of the announcement of that decision. The appeal should be made through email to the sw-rp mailing list ( where it will be reviewed by the RPAdmin board, Judge Staff, and Head Judge. The complaint should not be made directly to the admin or judge in question.

The appeal should clearly outline the reasons why the ruling is being petitioned against, and provide any pertinent information that may help explain why the petitioners think the ruling should be changed.

Multiple appeals of the same scene will be treated as one appeal.

Once an appeal is received and registered officially, the Head Judge will decide upon the extent of the investigation the petition requires, based on the content of the petition email, a discussion with the complaining player, the Judge information sheet written up on the scene, and an interview with the Judge in question.

Usually, this is enough to solve the dilemma. In the event further investigation is required, then the petitioned scene will be put into a timefreeze pending resolution of the official complaint. All participants in the scene will be informed there has been a complaint lodged, and will be invited to submit any relevant information that may assist the Head Judge. Roleplay logs will be saught from all sides.

The entire investigation process will take no longer than 48 hours. If information is being actively sought and is not available in that time, then a ruling based on what evidence is available is made to unfreeze the scene and let gameplay resume.

When a final ruling is made, all parties involved will receive notice of the final decision and what (if any) ramifications it will have on the scene in question or anything that followed it. Once made, the ruling is considered final and the appeal closed, no longer open to debate.

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