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Dr. Xavier Paul Nighman II, Ph.D
Human (Corellian)
1.92 meters
Hair Color
Light brown
Eye Color
Skin Color

An extremely educated individual with a Ph.D. in Xenoarchaeology, Paul Nighman (24 BBY—) rarely uses his title or even his given name, prefering instead to circulate discreetly throughout the murky depths of society. Born on Corellia to a musician mother and a father prominent in the fields of xenoarcheaology and history, Paul grew up rather quiet, bookish, and reclusive, mostly due to his mother's tragic death when he was six, and his father's emotional indifference. Paul was introduced at an early age to scientists and professors around the galaxy, often traveling to other systems to study and assist on archaeological digs. It was therefore of some surprise when this promising young scientist mysteriously vanished from sight shortly after receiving his Ph.D.

Around this time, in the more shady lanes of life, a determined smuggler entered the criminal scene, carving a modest niche for himself. Paul Nighman was known in smuggling circles as being a competent competitor, delivering small, delicate, or unusual loads quickly and reliably. However the world of academia would not release him so easily, his expertise utilized for treasure hunting, obtaining rare artifacts, appraising them, verifying authenticity, and shipping them. He is known in scientific circles for his work on Tamis and other research into "primitive" cultures and their development. Recently his exploits have gained greater public awareness.

The company he keeps is varied and diverse. In the past he has mingled with both distinguished scientists and dangerous criminals. He's been seen in the company of such noted individuals as Mara Jade, Giles Vermillion, Talon Karrde, Sinjon Teague, Luke Skywalker, Lando Calrissian, Ambassador Winter, Morganna Tazecks and other prominent members of the Empire and New Republic. It's rumored that he's been to some of the farthest reaches of the rim and back, searching for the origins of different ancient and advanced races. It is also rumored that he has assisted the V'ez-Tcha in rescuing personnel from Tatooine, has wrested away prized possessions from prominent power figures, and has been seen in the company of Mandalorians, speaking their tongue fluently and carrying one of their ancient sabers.

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