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Heads (either Faction or Organization Heads, when appropriate) are people empowered and enabled to direct the Organization they belong to. These players volunteer their time in making sure things run smoothly, the faction's "territories" are structurally sound, and any minor playerbase issues are handled in a timely manner. Things that a FH/OH takes an active role in include:

  • maintaining the theme and "feel" of Star Wars.
  • the creation and upkeep of RP niches within the faction.
  • communicating with division heads.
  • communicating with other faction heads and org leaders to drive plot and create story.
  • communicating with the wizard staff.
  • uphold the MUSH's, and the faction's, OOC policies.

"Faction" is a holdover term from the old database, and is currently used to distinguish the two largest organizations, the New Republic and Galactic Empire, from the other varied and smaller organizations and governments. It is for code & classification purposes, and has no bearing on the duties of the "Head".

Assistant Edit

An Assistant Faction (or Organization) Head is responsible for:

  • Recruiting and helping "newbies" get settled.
  • Helping the Head organize and run plots.
  • Be a secondary contact for other faction leaders to coordinate plots with.
  • Identify and/or rectify any structural flaws in the organizations's territories.

Current Faction/Organization Heads Edit

See MUSH Faction/Org Contacts

See Also Edit

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