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Region: Mid Rim
Parent system: Caspia
Sim Status: Non-coded; Original
Native Race(s): none
Other Races: none
Affiliation: Caspian Democratic Union

Covered in a thick, slowly-swirling soup of clouds, Olumekar (or, House of the Shadow) remains the mysterious dark child of the Caspian system. The atmosphere, an abhorrent blend of lithium, sulfide, and ozone is so electrically charged and the clouds are so dense that all sensory and visual scans are blocked out. Magnetic resonance imaging is hamstrung by what geologists speculate is a massive magnetic well seething within the planet's very structure. No one knows for certain what the climate or terrain of the entire landscape is, as all reports are based on the handful of probes dispatched to the planet that lasted mere minutes descending through the atmosphere. Only one probe has ever managed to land still transmitting on the surface of Olumekar, and the seven-second long video it relayed depicts the planet, at least that region, as being craggy and bleak, bathed in a paltry, hazy violet (or yellow -- scientists do not agree as to what the onboard imaging system renders certain shades of the spectrum when affected by external electrical interference) low light. Rumor has it that the probe's life was ended by a lightning strike.

No other official ventures have been undertaken to explore Olumekar to this day. There are stories and tales of prospecting parties going there, but never returning. Rumors also swirl around a mysterious people called the Olumhumbran, who either live there or worship the planet's spiritual nature, but the former can hardly be true given the very makeup of the planet.

So strong is the pull of Olumekar, both in a spiritual and astrophysical sense, that recent scientific study has once again resumed. A few astrophysicists now speculate that the famed Vilaronium Needles, used in the solmaetus (or Sarian Azimuth), are in fact referencing Olumekar, not Solus as they are explained.

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