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Alien snp noghri
Homeworld: Honoghr
System: Honoghr System
Height: 1.5 meters
Skill Min. Max.
Dexterity 2D+1 5D+2
Knowledge 1D+1 3D+2
Mechanical 1D+ 3D+2
Perception 2D+2 4D+2
Strength 2D+2 5D+2
Technical 1D+0 3D+2

The Noghri are a race of small, grey-skinned humanoids with sharp, needle-like teeth and menacing claws. Despite their smaller stature (around 1.5 meters), the Noghri posess formidable physical skills. In addition to their lightning-quick reflexes, Noghri have an uncanny ability to move without being seen or heard; in fact, most humans find it unnerving and annoying when Noghri sneak up behind them without even attempting to do so. They are also well-trained in their own form of martial arts.

Their culture is one which revolves around honor, both of the individual and of the people. Their concept of honor is so strong in these people that it defines their every action; they sooner die than forsake that honor. If ever honor plays a part in any circumstance, a Noghri will persevere with fervent determination and unbending will.

Up until the Clone Wars, their homeworld was completely isolated, and the lives of the Noghri revolved around wars between the clans of their people. A great battle took place in the days of the Emperor above the skies of their world, striking the people with fear and awe at the mighty battles in the heavens. The fallout of that battle completely destroyed the ecology of that planet; it is now a barren planet, completely lacking the lush atmosphere that once existed on the planet. After the battle, Lord Vader descended to the planet and proceeded to save the Noghri from certain doom. This act was viewed as an ultimate act of honor, to which the Noghri are extremely indebted. As such, they have become fiercely loyal servants to the Empire, and their presence, though small, is considered invaluable.

Noghri in any organization but the Empire would conflict with the Zahn trilogy, and, as such, are not allowed. Currently, the RPAdmin and the Empire are not accepting applications for this race.

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