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New Republic Intelligence (NRI) is the largest of the New Republic intelligence agencies, responsible for obtaining and analyzing information about foreign governments, corporations, organizations and individuals, and reporting such information to the various branches of the New Republic Government. NRI is a quasi-military or paramilitary organization, providing its officers with military ranks, or employing one-time military personnel.

It was the successor to Alliance Intelligence and the Senate Interplanetary Intelligence Network. The agency is under the authority of the New Republic Inner Council and is based on Ord Mantell.

NRI acts as a clearinghouse for intelligence reports from across the galaxy. Its threat analysis prompted and informed a innumerable military missions. While the Republic Military maintains its own military intelligence unit in the form of Fleet Intelligence, NRI interacts on a regular basis with military units. In certain instances, NRI officers are placed in roles where they served alongside Naval officers within the New Republic Military.

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NRI is headed by the Director of Intelligence and a Deputy Director. Below them exists multiple Deputy Directors which are in charge of various departments. Below them further are Station Chiefs in charge of various physical locations throughout the galaxy. On the foundation level are the various agents — Junior, Field, & Senior.

In most recent years the director of NRI was the Bothan Viscount, Aknar Koth'lyri. Koth'lyri led the department from 11 ABY to 12 ABY, after which time he went into retirement. Deputy Director Jaren Sylas took the post, and was sworn in some weeks later. Following his retirement, Director Farnsworth and Assistant Director Kiare Quinn continued to steer NRI until a power struggle within the department saw a quick succession of directors before Talon Karrde took on the role in 14 ABY followed by Lando Calrissian. Aknar Koth'lyri came out of retirement near the end of 14 ABY and resumed the directorship role until 15 ABY when Bothawui joined the Empire. He retired from NRI and traveled back to Bothawui to participate in local politics within the Bothan Federation once more.

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For NRI contact info, see MUSH Faction/Org Contacts.

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