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The New Republic General Ministry was the non-military bureaucracy of the New Republic, and managed the New Republic's daily non-military operations.

As the Provisional Council handed control of the New Republic over to the Senate, the General Ministry was formed through the Common Charter to ensure that the long defense-focused government paid due attention to domestic concerns. Agencies ranging from New Republic Intelligence to the Obroan Institute for Archaeology fell under the General Ministry's jurisdiction.

It was organized into several large permanent Ministries, smaller task-oriented service Agencies, and several semi-independent Institutes. The various Senate councils had oversight and financing authority over the corresponding Ministries.

The General Ministry oversaw a wide variety of concerns, including the ministries of government, finance, commerce, security and intelligence, and science and education. The latter segment placed a number independent institutes and universities, termed the General Ministry Institutes, under its oversight.

The Cabinet consisted of the heads of the various ministries and was headed by the Minister of State. This body was the link between the Chief of State and the Ministries.

The First Administrator, appointed by the Ministry Council with the approval of the President of the Senate, led the New Republic General Ministry. He reported to the Chief of State.

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