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NRSD Reprisal's Battle Ensign
NRSD Reprisal
Class: Victory-class Star Destroyer
Launched: 4 ABY
Built at: Rendili Stardrive
Principality: Griffon Alliance
New Republic
Sim Status: Coded
Ops Status: Operational
Embarked Units
Notaries: V. Adm. Farnsworth
Flight: The 22nd Starfighter Wing
  • X-wing starfighter - 24 ships
  • A-wing interceptor - 12 ships
  • Y-wing bomber - 6 ships
  • B-wing bomber - 6 ships
Ground: 5th Marine Corps, 70th Brigade

The NRSD Reprisal, formerly the GSS Harbinger, was assimilated into the New Republic Navy in 14 ABY and renamed to something more provocative of its dubious origin. She now serves as flagship for the New Republic Second Fleet under the command of Vice Admiral Farnsworth.

History Edit

Harbinger began its career as a CSA construct, in the final days of its overhaul in a CSA shipyard. A small force of alien slaves, pressed into service at the shipyard, rebelled, taking the mighty warship as their means of escape. After suffering heavy casualties during the escape, they brought the Star Destroyer to the newly-formed Griffon Alliance, seeking asylum. These aliens became an integral part of the new government, and the warship was christened Harbinger, becoming the first flagship of the recently born Griffon Armada.

The warship would hold the mantle of flagship until 11 ABY and the construction of the new Mako-class Battlecruisers by AEC Shipyards. Harbinger was then assigned to Cochran defense duties alongside her class sister Black Eagle, where she served for the next three years.

Upon the absorbtion of the Griffons into the New Republic, all Griffon warships were initially amalgamated into a single "task force", to operate with blended crews. However, with how demoralizing and debilitating the events of the Second Battle of Etti IV went for the New Republic, a decision was made to fully transfigure a Griffon warship into a New Republic Navy entity. Harbinger, being the most well-kept of the Griffons' warships, and of a design the Republic was familiar with, chose it to be rechristened NRSD Reprisal. It was promptly tapped to be the flagship of a maligned NR Second Fleet, where it is currently serving.

Recent Events Edit

Successive Commanders Edit

New Republic Commanders Edit

Griffon Commanders Edit

Battles Edit

Attacking Side Edit

Defending Side Edit

Victory-class Star Destroyer
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Ships listed here are those specifically represented on the MUSH as being in active service and excludes those vessels decommissioned or destroyed.
It does not reflect the total number of vessels of this class

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