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NRSD Chancellor's Battle Ensign
NRSD Chancellor
Class: Republic-class Star Destroyer
Launched: 7 ABY
Built at: Rendili StarDrive, Bonadan
Principality: New Republic
Sim Status: IC Story (Retired from Coded Status)
Ops Status: Operational
Embarked Units
Flight: The 22nd Starfighter Wing
  • X-wing starfighter - 36 ships
  • A-wing interceptor - 12 ships
  • Y-wing bomber - 12 ships
  • B-wing bomber - 12 ships

Support Craft Units

  • 8x shuttles
Ground: 5th Marine Corps, 70th Brigade

The NRSD Chancellor is a member of the New Republic Navy's Second Fleet.

History Edit

Recent Events Edit

Commanders Edit

Captain Kelvis Aquatica
Admiral Red Henly

Battles Edit

Attacking Side Edit

Defending Side Edit

Republic-class Star Destroyer
NRSD Chancellor | NRSD Crusader | NRSD Challenger | NRSD Vindicator | NRSD Templar

List of Starships in New Republic Fleet Operations
Names listed here represent vessels available to NR FleetOps in this Sim, and do not reflect total number of vessels of this class.

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