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"To the glorious Empire, his highness the Emperor and the Imperial Navy!"
— Grand Admiral Morlok Adlerson

Morlok Adlerson (47 BBY—) was one of the most respected officers in both the Republic and Imperial navies. His early career with the Republic began at the age of 19, where he trained as a top pilot within the ranks. Throughout his early life he maintained a flawless record of both kills, as well as inginuity with his command style.

After the end of the Clone Wars, Adlerson pledged his loyalties to this new government of the Galactic Empire, which he would serve for most of his life. Early promoted to the rank of Captain, and Commanding Officer of the Imperial Starfighter Corps, he shaped many of the Empire's top aces; eventually single handedly reshaping the Navy forever by intergrating the Starfighter Corps into the Naval forces indefinitely. For his excellence, and foresight under Palpatine, he became one of the youngest Fleet Admirals in the history of the Empire. After the fall of Palpatine, he continued quietly as Admiralty in the Navy, until Bacharan Valak promoted him to the rank of Grand Admiral and charged him with the complete control and restructuring (again) of the Navy. This worked very well, allowing Valak to reclaim most of the Galaxy under the Imperial banner.

He held the position of Chief Naval Officer for quite a number of years, before retiring quietly to become Moff of Selene. By 11 ABY, however, Adlerson retired from active duties

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