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Mission to Oro IV
Conflict: Galactic Civil War
Date: 11 ABY
Place: Oro IV
Outcome: Imperial victory

Emblem empire starburst
Galactic Empire

Emblem nr starphoenix
New Republic


Rear Admiral Danik Kreldin
Captain Fianar Reanus



Black Stars Squadron





Oro IV, an isolated, out of the way New Republic-held planet, was the target of the now infamous Black Stars squadron. A supply station in orbit was the objective of the squadron, and the Black Stars arrived in system aboard the Corellian Corvette Admiral Canis.

The Republic defenders were defeated by the Black Stars, and, with no immediate counterattack looming, Kreldin called in an Escort Carrier equipped with Scimitar Assault Bombers. Two flights of bombers was all it took to utterly destroy the station.

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